2018-19 PBL Project

The first project of this academic year addressed the following questions:

  • What does it mean for play to be inclusive? How can a playground foster love and acceptance within a diverse community?

We began our learning by investigating the importance of different types of play, learning more about how these opportunities allow children to grow physically and emotionally.  Next, we examined the concept of inclusion, noticing the wide variety of differences that might make someone feel excluded, and recognizing the action we can take to prevent these exclusive practices.  Building on this knowledge, Explorers dived into the concept of bullying, learning more about the concept of being an “upstander” to help ameliorate the harmful effects of these negative interactions. Explorers then connected this knowledge of inclusion to the idea of a playground: What playground structures and components foster inclusion?  Selected students attended the National Recreation and Parks Conference in Indianapolis, Indiana to field-test equipment and learn from experts. Armed with more knowledge, Explorers constructed playground blueprints to construct an innovative, inclusive playground to be build on our new school site. Environmental engineers and architects then worked through these blueprints to provide feedback.  This project culminated in the building of a new playground at our new school site fully designed by our Explorers! Check out our new playground the next time you are on Explore!'s campus!